Health, Accident and Auto Insurance + Massage Therapy

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Auto Insurance + Massage


We can bill your auto insurance to cover the cost of massage therapy if you have been injured in an auto accident.

If you own a vehicle, you most likely have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage (also called Personal Accident Insurance or PAI) as a part of your auto insurance policy. If you are in an accident and you are at fault, your insurance company will cover your medical costs up to the amount your policy allows. If another driver is at fault, your auto insurance will still usually cover the cost of your medical treatment while they negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company for reimbursement. By Oregon state law, PIP coverage must cover the cost of massage therapy services.

Holistic Massage of Hood River will directly bill any auto insurance company (for example, Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, Country, or Geico). Generally, there is no co-payment required of the patient.

Auto accidents can cause these conditions among others:

  • whiplash
  • neck and back injuries
  • tendon damage
  • muscle spasms
  • myofascial pain
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • secondary muscle group pain (“guarding”)
  • insomnia (pain can interrupt sleep)

Massage therapy can alleviate and even help prevent these and other accident related injuries.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), the emergency room evaluations done immediately following the auto accident are only meant to ensure you don’t have injuries such as concussion, broken bone, or abrasion. They may not examine you for soft tissue injury.

It is common to not notice any soft tissue injury immediately following a vehicle accident, then wake up a week, two weeks or sometimes even months later, with severe neck pain, back spasm, or headache. In fact, the symptoms of the soft tissue injuries you may have sustained might not arise for up to six months after the initial collision.

Soft tissue includes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your body. Soft tissue injuries cannot be detected on x-rays and are often overlooked, yet they can cause severe debilitating pain.

Sprains and strains are referred to as soft tissue injuries. For example a whiplash injury to the neck, also known as cervical sprain/strain, is one of the most common injuries that result from an auto accident. This injury occurs when the head is abruptly jerked back and forth, as is often the case in an auto accident, and the muscles and ligaments are injured.

Massage therapy can be effective in treating soft tissue injuries. It is important to begin massage treatment as soon as possible to begin the recovery process. Injuries left untreated can sometime persist for months or even years.

Massage therapy can also aid recovery by restoring balance to your autonomic nervous system. Relaxation techniques such as craniosacral therapy or Swedish massage can help alleviate the shock and trauma on your nervous system caused by an accident.

Massage therapy promotes circulation of blood and lymph which can reduce swelling as well as assist in flushing the injured area with fresh blood rich in nutrients that aid in faster tissue recovery.

In order to bill your auto insurance company for massage therapy, we will need:

    • a prescription from a physician, naturopathic physician or chiropractor
    • the prescription must include a diagnosis code (or codes) that we need for billing
    • a claim number from your auto insurance company
    • the name and telephone number or email address of the claims representative from your auto insurance company who is handling your claim

Please bring your prescription information to your appointment, send it by email to or call us at 541.490.1444.

Auto accident claims can be complicated and depend upon a number of factors. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help or direct you to additional information sources if necessary.

health insurance + massage


Some health insurance policies will cover the cost of massage therapy, and we are a preferred provider for many plans.

Health insurance plans vary in their cost coverage of massage therapy and the conditions under which the massage therapy services are received. Certain health insurance plans require a doctor’s referral in order to cover the cost of massage therapy while other health plans allow a certain number of visits without a referral. Some health insurance plans cover massage therapy costs in full, while other health plans require a client co-payment.

Most insurance plans which do cover the cost of massage therapy require that treatment is provided by a massage therapist that is contracted in their network, sometimes referred to as a preferred or in-network provider.

Holistic Massage of Hood River is a preferred provider for many health insurance companies, including:

    • Aetna
    • American Specialty Health
    • CIGNA
    • CoreSource
    • First Choice Health
    • Optum Health
    • PacificCare
    • PacificSource Health Plan
    • Premera Blue Cross
    • Providence PPO
    • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • The CHP Group
    • United HealthCare
    • WA County Insurance Pool
    • Moda Health
    • and many more!


    Massage therapy is often prescribed by physicians, naturopathic physicians, and chiropractors as part of a treatment plan for these and other medical conditions:

    • recovery from surgeries
    • tendonitis
    • sprains (ligaments) or strains (muscles/tendons)
    • osteoarthritis
    • repetitive strain injuries
    • athletic injuries
    • sciatic pain
    • fibromyalgia
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • thoracic outlet syndrome
    • temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
    • swelling or edema
    • insomnia
    • anxiety
    • emotional stress

    These and other conditions can be effectively treated with medical massage, depending on your physician’s diagnosis and prescription.

    If your health insurance plan requires a referral or prescription to cover the cost of massage therapy, please provide us with:

    • your prescription from a medical physician, naturopathic physician or chiropractor
    • the prescription must include a diagnosis code (or codes) that we need for billing
    • some insurance plans require that frequency and duration of visits is specified on the prescription

    Please bring your prescription or referral to your appointment, send it by emailing us at or call us at 541.490.1444.

    It is necessary to check with your health insurance provider for the exact details of your insurance policy. If you’d rather we do it for you please call us at 541.490.1444 and we will be happy to check on your behalf. Please contact us with your insurance policy details, including your subscriber ID, group number, date of birth, and your full name.

    Note – We provide insurance benefit checks as a courtesy to our clients. A positive verification with your insurance company does guarantee payment by your insurance provider. You should always confirm your insurance benefits with your insurance provider yourself as you are responsible for payment of services in full if your insurance provider denies the claim for any reason.

Workers’ compensation + massage


If you have been injured on the job, some workers’ compensation insurance plans will cover massage therapy treatment.

Holistic Massage of Hood River is a contracted provider for The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), a major workers’ compensation insurance program.

The following information is for injured workers covered by L&I regarding seeking care and compensation. These guidelines can also be found on The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries web site,

If you are injured at work and need treatment:

  1. Go to the emergency room or doctor of your choice and say you were injured at work. The doctor will file the workers’ compensation claim for you. If your claim is accepted, workers’ compensation (L&I) pays for medical care directly related to your accident.
  2. The doctor can recommend any further treatment you may need. This is done on the accident report form, which you (and the physician who treats you) will fill out. You must have the signature of a medical doctor or an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). Your claim is filed when your doctor sends this report to L&I for processing.
  3. L&I can approve your claim if your doctor certifies that you were injured at a specific time and place at work, or have an occupational disease. Benefits cover medical bills and may include other types of assistance.
  4. Claims can be rejected if the doctor cannot certify the worker’s medical condition is related to something specific that happened at work or an occupational disease. This legal standard frequently requires the L&I claim manager to collect background information about the worker’s accident and the worker’s medical and job history.
  5. Some injured workers miss days of work while they recover. However, many can return to work gradually, while still receiving medical benefits. Research shows that the sooner you are able to return to work, the better your chances are for recovering your income and health.
  6. Claims are closed when:
    • Your doctor or another physician certifies that further treatment will not improve your condition, or
    • L&I has no information showing you need further treatment, or
    • Your injury was minor and treatment was successful.

Please contact us at Holistic Massage of Hood River if you have any questions or would like more information regarding massage therapy and your workers’ compensation insurance.