Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is a great tool for enhancing the effects of massage. Taping lifts the skin away from underlying structures allowing for greater movement of the tissues and increased circulation. The effect of this is that taping can reduce pain, swelling, bruising and fatigue as well as increase athletic performance. Kinesio taping also stimulates the nerve cells in the skin which can enhance your brain’s awareness of your body to help change poor movement patterns.

You can choose from two types of Kinesio Tape:

  • RockTape – a kinesio tape which provides great stick and stretch. The tape moves with you so it doesn’t restrict your body’s movement. It can be left on for up to five days while you go about all your normal activities.

  • KinesioTex – a kinsio tape which has less adhesive and is ideal for sensitive skin.

We provide kinesio taping as an add-on to any of our bodywork services for $5/region or as a stand-alone service for $12/region.