What our clients are saying about us!

The pressure was very deep, but Comice invited me to let her know if I needed the pressure adjusted. She said that she doesn’t try to force a body into change, but rather nudge it toward change (or something to that effect). So, the pressure was deep, and I experienced discomfort BECAUSE I elected to breathe through and allow my body to be nudged. I DID speak up when I needed to, and Comice immediately adjusted the pressure, thanking me for letting her know. Comice is WONDERFUL!


Wow – Comice was outstanding


Joanna is stellar!


Literally one of the best massages of my life. The music was perfect (I want to know which station or soundtrack you guys use so I can listen to it at home! lol), the lighting was perfect, and Raelynn was amazing. I’ll definitely be coming back to her! Thanks so much!!! 🙂